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The Facebook message went like this, “Paul I was cleaning out old boxes from my dad that I had. I found all my old school things including a valentine from you from 1st grade lol”

Valentine Card from school

(The card was a harbinger of my Navy days to come!)

Now, the first grade wasn’t all that great.  School was a complete shock to me, I’d rather have been at home, and the teacher…well, I won’t speak ill of the dead.

But, I do remember the good times we had when the room mothers brought cookies and cupcakes to school to celebrate all the holidays we used to have.

Valentine’s Day was one of them.  A class project for every elementary school kid back in the day was the Valentine’s Card Box.

Every one had to make one, and every one was supposed to get a card from every one else in the class.

They usually ended UP looking like this…

Box 2


…or this…



…and we labored over them for at least a day.

BTW, America is 32nd in the world in math, this might be why.

But, I digress.  It was fun, it was playful, and we lapped it UP.

The cookies and cupcakes aside, the cards were the hit of the day.

You always saved one for the teacher – even if you hated her – and you always saved the best one for that special someone in the class who paid no attention to you and broke your heart who had caught your eye.

1st grade love is still love.

So, when I got that message from Kathy Short Crossley, I immediately knew just what I’d write about on Valentine’s Day.

Crafts, candy, cookies, and cupcakes are the way to a young boy’s heart!


Valentines day

The “staff” at Redneck Latte Ravings hopes your Valentine’s Day is one to remember!

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