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…may have been overheard in the Portuguese court back in the day.

Dom Pedro, a prince at the time and future King Dom Pedro I, met 15 year old Inês de Castro when she came to play lady-in-waiting to his new bride.

His marriage was arranged, daddy, the King of Portugal, married his heir off to the daughter of a wealthy and power Castelian family. Lady Constansa Manuel of Castela and Leão nor the prince were in love, but neither had a word to say about their marriage.

Things being what they were, most of the court turned a blind eye to affairs of the heart outside the bonds of marriage as long as they were discrete.

Pedro didn’t know the meaning of the word.  He was in love with Inês, and flaunted the relationship.

Daddy was not amused.

He sent the lovely lady in waiting with eyes the color of the sky and hair to rival the sun to Albuquerque.

Not New Mexico, Spain.

Constansa, sadly, died in childbirth, causing the randy Pedro to bring Inês back from exile.

Again, Daddy was not amused.

Not only did the rebellious prince bring her back, he married her causing a scandal that rocked the court.

It was also a diplomatic slap in the face to the folks back in Castela, causing much grief for diplomats, equerries, and attaches.

King Alfonso was outraged, fearing a war with the folks back in Castilla.

Inês, like Earl, had to die.

So, daddy captured the lovely Inês exiled her once again, this time to Combra.

While there, three of the King’s noblemen decapitated her in front of one of the three children she had with Pedro.

The Death of Ines

Therapy, anyone?

Pedro, beside himself with grief, vowing to avenge the death of his true love, and realizing his father was behind it, launched Portugal into a civil war.

Things got really ugly.

Battles raged, sides were taken, people died, it was a mess.

But, alas, Mama knows best, and The Queen, Beatrice, intervened between the two and proposed a truce. Which reduced poor Pedro to a mere shadow himself, and, drove him – what’s the word I’m looking for, yeah, that’s it CRAZY!

Alas, the old King died, and Pedro assumed the throne.

That’s when, as we say in historical circles, the shit hit the fan.

First on the Royal agenda, avenge the death of Inês. Arranging a swap of Castelian prisoners held in Portugal for the men who’d killed Inês, who were hiding out in Castela, gained Pedro no popularity with his court, but that mattered little.

Pedro, driven mad by his loss, had two of the men killed by ripping their hearts out while they were still alive. One from the front, one from the back.

Bachelor number three dropped dead of a heart attack from shock.

Of course, that would have been enough for most psychopaths, but nooooooooooooo, not Pedro.

That was only the warm UP.

Pedro, went on to have his love exhumed, sat her UP in court, declared her his lawful queen and had the Lords and Ladies of Portugal kiss her hand in homage.

Pedro and Ines

She’d been dead two years.  Barf!

The rumor at court was that the Queen looked a little pale.

Oddly enough, Dom Pedro was loved by the “little people”, often standing UP for them against the nobles. During his reign, there was no war and great prosperity.

Crazy but efficient?

Pedro died in 1367, with his body buried next to his beloved Inês in the Santa Maria Abbey in Alcobaça. They were not buried side by side like normal people, but facing each other with the words “Até o fim do mundo…” (“Until the end of time…”) carved in the marble.

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