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Went to dinner on Saturday as we often do.

That Longhorn gift card from Christmas was burning a hole in my pocket, I had a shirt from Christmas I HAD to return, and well, it just worked out that JCP and Longhorn’s are right next to each other at the Mall of Jawga.


One of my Waffle House buddies advised that I do “call ahead seating” because “…the place fills UP early…”.

So I did.

The hostess said, “What time will you be here?” and I replied. “About 6:30.”

It was 4 PM.

She said, “Well, call about 5:45, we only take call aheads 45 minutes early.”



So, off to JCP I dashed, changed the medium for a large, really, you’d think family would know, and picked UP the phone to call Longhorn’s.






13 busies later, the SAME woman answered the phone and I asked for a call ahead.

She said, “We have a 90 minute wait. What’s your name?”

So, we had dinner at 8.

What’s the point of “call ahead seating” if you have to wait 90 minutes anyway.  And why did Longhorn build a restaurant that seats 80 people?

But, at least dinner was good.  And I had a gift card. And the shirt fits.

Have a great Monday.


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