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Welcome to the Pot Shop.

If you’re looking for cookware, you’ve got the wrong place.

These pot shops have about as much pottery as The Pottery Barn…I’ve never figured that out, there’s not a plate in the place.

Sorry, the ADD kicked in!

Pot has been legal in Colorado for a year now, but on January 1, 2014, the face of store fronts changed all over the state.

Rocky Mountain High

Pop’s Pot Shop, Rocky Mountain High, Cannabis Central, Mary Jane’s Mary Janes…I know, I should be in marketing!

Now, right next to the liquor store, you can dash in and drop some cash on some hash.

One retailer, Bob Hackett, co-owner of Botana Care was expecting 800-1000 customers on New Year’s Day!

Botana Care will not only stock pot, they have pipes, bongs, papers, rollers, and child proof locking baggies.

Oh, BTW, you have to be 18 to buy retail pot, and just like the liquor store, you can’t take the baby in their either.

ADD attack, there’s a new industry – kidwatchers.  “Will you watch my kids while I go in and buy some pot?”

The politicians are totally buzzed about the $67 million in tax revenue they expect from the $590 million in sales projected for 2014.

I guess it really is Rocky Mountain High!

The first $40 million collected in taxes is supposed to be set aside for school improvement.

Sounds a lot like the lottery lies of the 80s and 90s.

Since legalizing pot, impaired driving is UP, as are missed days of work.

Tourism to Colorado is UP as well.

Imagine that!

Of course, so’s the economy.  After all, it’s a whole new business.

Franchise anyone?

Now, from what I understand, it’s not like Starbucks where you can go in, fire UP the laptop, hook UP to the WIFI, and light UP a doobie, you have to take your product to go.

But, I’m sure the next step is the 21st Century Malt Shop where you can go in, light UP, and zone out!

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