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I know you’re all expecting an ass of the week, especially after that federal court ruling about blogger free speech, but there were just so many from which to choose, I thought I’d take another route.

Justin Bieber got arrested for driving under the influence and drag racing.

Which made me wonder, “Why do we never see the Biebs and Miley Cyrus together?”

Bieber in drag

It also made me wonder if this latest incident will make the thug from the far north grow UP.

Again, thanks Canada!

I also wonder if MSNBC and CNN had spent as much time talking about Benghazi as they have BridgeGate and whether or not Chris Christie has “removed” himself as a Presidential contender in 2016, could they have solved the Benghazi mystery by now.

Barack and the Fat Man

Which made me wonder, “…gosh, it’s 2014, why are we worrying about the 2016 Presidential race already.  I mean Jimmy Carter came out of the woodwork back in the 70s and kicked Gerald Ford’s ass right out of the White House.

Carter and Ford

Of course I moved on when I saw the blurb on YAHOO about the documentary on Mitt Romney that shows us his other side.  Why are we still talking about him?  Did he become a member of the Kardashian family?

Mitt Romney

He lost, move on.

I then I got all worried because the Kardashians are losing popularity, their show is failing and no one gives a rat’s ass about them any longer.


And I wondered with the Goeslins already on the back burner, what will I post about if the Kardashians go away?

And somehow my ADD riddled brain moved on to Sherman and his interview with Erin Andrews.  Do we really care what over paid athletes say when they are hopped UP on adrenalin after winning a championship game, or what they say any other time?


And why is Erin Andrews so popular, she’s not even that good?

Erin Andrews

Then I wondered if Bates and Anna will work it out, or will I have to travel to England and kick Julian Fellowes ass.

And then the phone rang.

Just some thoughts.

Have a great weekend.

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