I had something else planned for today, but in light of the recent “Snow/Icemageddon” I’ll play it at a later date.

I’m quite sure every one UP Nawth thinks we’re a bunch of wusses, and frankly, Scarlett doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

Neither does Rhett.

Atlanta and the 22 county metro area got blasted with a “dusting” of snow yesterday that turned to ice and screwed UP lives every where.

Spaghetti Junction

I was one of the lucky ones.

For the 3rd time in eleven years of working at that place where I work, we closed early.

Really, it takes a lot to close us down.

I was able to head out about 4:20 or so.

I got home in 30 minutes.

I live eight miles away, no interstate, just city streets.

Things were looking pretty dicey, the snow was coming down, but the ice hadn’t hit my part of the hood.

Down south of town and to the Northwest, things were icing UP quickly.

People were stranded, literally over night, in parking lots, in their cars, at schools, at churches, some slept in the aisles of a grocery store.  Some abandoned their cars in parking lots and walked several miles home!


One of my friends took 22 hours and 14 minutes to drive home, others were on the road longer, and some still aren’t home (it’s 6:30 Wednesday evening).

Yes, I know, there are 15 inches of snow in Germantown, people in Minnesota haven’t seen a non snow day in weeks, and New York is winter wonderland.

But, as my friend Jan says, “I’ll take 10 inches of snow in NYC over 1 inch of snow in Atlanta any day!”

And, Jan isn’t the only transplanted Yankee down here. Seems many folks from New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Indiana living here have forgotten how to drive in weather like this.

We just aren’t prepared for this, and we should be.

The city fathers need an ass kicking from the locals.

Mayor Reed and Governor Deal need to stop the blame game and take some action so that this won’t happen again.

$100 million for a new stadium, $12 on salt doesn’t add UP!

State of Georgia snow plow?

State of Georgia snow plow?

So Kasim and Nathan, man-UP, pay UP, and plan for the next one! ┬áSeriously, guys, it was so bad out there, I didn’t make it to the Waffle House!

Now, that’s a tragic!