Optical illusions escape me.  It has something to do with my toxic genetic make-UP rare form of astigmatism.

There are two kinds of astigmatism, the one most people have and the one in a zillion kind that I have.  It goes the wrong way, makes my cornea look like a corn flake, and keeps me from finding the things in Op Art and Optical Illusions that other people find.

An old example would be this…

Young woman or old lady


I only see the young beautiful woman…well, until my friend Chardelle pointed the old lady out to me about 35 years ago.

It’s really annoying, every one is saying, “Oh, that’s so cool.” or “Wow, I see it.” and I’m just standing there going, “duh.”.


So, when people post things like this…


…on Facebook, I generally pass them by.

You’re supposed to count the number of circles on the page, and if you look at it long enough they are supposed to pop out at  you.

Well, I tried this one.  I’ll admit, I cheated and looked at the comments to see how many most people found.

17, 117, 135, were the most common responses.

I found four, including the word circle, which probably doesn’t count.

So, how many do you see?