Today is National Hug Day.


I’ll pass.

Not a hugger.

In today’s PC world, unwanted touching is a no-no, and hugging is, shall we say, frowned UPon.

National Hug Day dates back to 1986, when Kevin Zaborney came UP with the idea.

His intentions were good.  He chose the day between Christmas and Valentine’s Days when it seemed that those around him were in “generally low spirits.”

Nice idea.

But practical?

Hugs spread germs.

Hugs often make people feel uncomfortable, especially when they come from some one you’re not that connected to.

It also allows mashers and other pervs to cop a feel.

Some studies show that hugs have some positive health benefits…germs aside.

Some say hugs can reduce stress.  Often times, hugs for me increase stress.

Maybe I’m the oddball?

It has been found that hugging can improve both psychological and physiological growth.

My adverseness to hugging may explain why I’m 5’5″ and border-line crazy.

Yes, I said border-line.

Live with it.

When it comes to family and close friends, I’ll hug.  And snuggling with my kids, hugging them every day before they left for school, was truly wonderful and beneficial.

And, I’ll admit, if I haven’t seen someone I love for a long while, I hug them, and I’m glad to do it.

But, casual acquaintances and co-workers, ah, no.

In those cases, I’m an air hug guy.

A “totally non-sexually harassing air-hug” kind of guy to be exact.

So, if you see me to day, hug me from afar, give me an air hug, not a bear hug.

And have a great National Hug Day.  Just be careful.