Back at Ole’ Miss, Buffy, Muffy, and Tuffy were sorority sisters at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house.

 Buffy Muffy and Tuffy

Buffy and Muffy were UPper class girls, easy adopted by the house, and as some would say, shoe-ins.

Tuffy was a completely different case.

Tuffy was a legacy, her grandmother had been a Kappa at Ole’ Miss back in the day, and the sisters, as much as they wanted to do so, couldn’t reject her. Granny had married down, Tuffy was in school on a poverty scholarship, and was trying her best to better herself when she sashayed into the KKΓ house.

They had to take her,so Tuffy was ushered into the lot with the rest.

Tuffy turned out to be the life of the party, the instigator and eventually, all the other sisters learned to love her, as we say in the South, “to death”.

Years passed, the sisters drifted apart, all marrying well, each serving as bridesmaids in one another’s weddings, and starting lives, careers, and families.

Buffy, ever social, and ever involved in the workings of the sisterhood, decided it was time to catch UP with the gang, so she invited Muffy and Tuffy over to her new shinny mansion for a luncheon.

The other two sisters arrived appropriately attired in ensembles from Lenox Mall and driving again, appropriate vehicles from Atlanta Classic Cars.

Mercs if you will.

As they sat on Buffy’s veranda, she waxed eloquent in the accomplishments of her fabulously rich husband and all the things he’d provided for her.

She said, “See this beautiful Buckhead mansion, my husband bought this for me.”

Buckhead Mansion

Tuffy simply replied, “Do tell.”

Buffy went on, “See this Olympic size pool, my husband had that installed for me, it helps keep me toned.”

Buffy's Pool

Tuffy, again, said, “Do tell.”

Again, Buffy bragged, “See this beautiful Bentley, my husband bought it for me for our anniversary.”


Tuffy, “Do tell.”

Buffy, non stop as she was, went on to say, “See this beautiful stable of horses, my wonderful hubby bought them for me last year, and I learned to ride dressage, isn’t that exciting?”

Buffy's Stable of horses

Tuffy, simply replied, “Do tell.”

Buffy, frustrated at the lack of reaction and joy, said, “Well, Tuffy, what’s your husband done for you?”

Tuffy said, “Oh, he’s wonderful, he sent me to a finishing school in Paris! It was wonderful.”

Buffy, annoyed, said, “Well, what did they teach you at a finishing school in Paris?”

To which, Tuffy replied, “Oh, they taught me to say Do Tell, instead of kiss my ass.”

The rest of the afternoon was rather quiet and subdued.

But, the lunch was good.