The Duchess of Cambridge turns 31 today.

Just in case you only read the headlines, the Duchess of Cambridge is the former Miss Catherine Middleton, known to most of the world as Kate.

An oddity for the British Royal Family, Catherine is from neither royal nor aristocratic stock.

Her mummy and daddy were commoners!


A commoner marrying an heir to the throne hadn’t happened since James, the Duke of York and later King James II married Anne Hyde after he knocked her UP.

Anne Hyde

They were, in proper terms, “obliged to marry.”

That’s the way it was done back then.

When the former Kate Middleton married Prince William, billions watched on television, she was NOT already preggers, but the baby watch began immediately.

William and Kate were either smarter than James and Anne, or didn’t do the nasty until they tied the knot.

Your guess is as good as mine.

100 years ago, a marriage like this one would never have been allowed.

First of all, George V was on the throne, and as much as he would hate to admit it, he followed in the steps of his grandmother, Queen Victoria, and arranged proper marriages for his children.  He himself had been pawned off to his dead brother’s fiancee after the “surprising” death of Edward VII and Alexandra’s eldest son.

I mean, really, you can’t let a good match go to waste.

But, alas, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has brought fresh, English blood to the royal line and produced Prince George, who, as king, will be more English than any other monarch since Elizabeth I.

Every monarch since Good Queen Bess has been either Scot or German.

The Duchess has moved into the role quite well.  People love her, she has her charities and patronages, and she’s even taken to wearing the hideous head gear so favored by her new in-laws.

Catherin, Duchess of Cambridge

Really, I just don’t get the hat thing!

But, anyway, it’s her birthday, she’s 31, a mom, a duchess, a fashion plate and along with Rhianna was named one of the top one hundred most influential women in the world!

So, happy birthday to the duchess.  And I’m sure if she had one wish, it would be for the press to stop calling her Kate Middleton.

Or, maybe world peace.