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Well, that title doesn’t look right, but I think all the bloggers, tweeters, and texters will get the drift.

It’s opinion time.

We’re talking about this.

The Sound of Music


I love musical theatre.

Who knew?

I always have.  Live singing and dancing, dialog, sets, over the top, good acting, mediocre acting, they all make musical theatre the enjoyable thing it is.

I rushed home Thursday night, got all my chores and duties out of the way, and plopped down in my easy chair to wrap myself in some of the most magical music ever written.

I’ve seen the movie version a zillion times, and love the way Julie Andrews played the part.

I love Carrie Underwood’s voice and performances, and I was expecting her to bring it, especially in the pipes category.

The hype beforehand had me worried, there was so much, I was sure they’d set the girl UP for failure.

But, alas, not so.

She can sing, but can she act?

Well, turns out, a little.

The whole thing was a wonderful experience that brought joy and pleasure.

It’s a great story, even if it is far from the real Von Trapp life, it’s a great book, great music, and a great idea.

Especially the LIVE on Television part.

What a risk.

What a gamble.

What a chance.

So, how’d it turn out?

The acting, meh, not so much, but the sets, costumes, music, and production…and it was LIVE on television, something that hasn’t been done for 50 years…so I give it the thumbs UP!

The reviews on Friday were all over the place.  “Variety” said, “…in terms of feeling like this production genuinely delivered, that’s one mountain “The Sound of Music Live!” just couldn’t climb.”

I disagree.

Carrie was great in the voice department, and Audra McDonald of “The Good Wife” and “Private Practice” fame, was A to the wesome!

...not in costume!

…not in costume!

Seriously, she nailed the music, and her acting skills made UP for everyone else’s short comings.

But, a great many people out there didn’t like it AT ALL, including my daughter, Shelby, who BTW, is employed, pretty, smart, and still single, because they are all comparing it to the movie version with Saint Julie Andrews.

She’s a hard act to follow, and I have to give Carrie cred for stepping UP to the role.

I’ll admit, when I heard they were doing a live televised version of the beloved Sound Of Music featuring Carrie Underwood, I was skeptical.

And let’s face it, it was her first real acting gig.  And since it probably won’t be her last, I’m sure she’ll improve in time.

So, if you missed it because you just don’t think it could be as good as the original, watch it when it’s re-run, it’s not the original, it’s a different version, it’s LIVE, it’s theatre, it’s great!

OH, and before I forget it, Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Diane Burns Brads!


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