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Christmastime isn’t happy for everyone.

Some have suffered losses during a holiday season, and memories come rushing back with each song, jingle bell, or card.

Some are alone for the first time at Christmas after their kids have moved away.  And one of more of their kids are spending Christmas with the new in-laws.

It’s all about sharing, I suppose.

Some are broke, remembering Christmases past which were flusher, more merry, and far more gay.

And don’t we want Christmas to be a happy time?

Yes, we do.

So, why for the love of Mike do we have so darn many sad Christmas songs?

Blue Christmas – I’ll have a blue Christmas without you, I’ll be so blue thinking about you, decorations of red on a green Christmas tree, won’t be the same since you’re not here with me.

Blue Christmas

I don’t care if it Elvis or Kelly Clarkson, that song sucks!

I’ll Be Home For Christmas – if only in my dreams! C’mon!  Every time I hear that song I want to drive the car off the road!

D to the pressing!

Please Come Home For Christmas – I do not need you begging me to do something I can not do!

And then, there’s the Karen Carpenter smash hit, Merry Christmas Darling – which contains the line, I’ve just one wish this Christmas Eve, I wish I were with you.

And Merle Haggard’s If We Make It Through December – break out the egg nog!

And, there are hundreds more!  From Daddy’s Drinking UP our Christmas to  Ernest Tubb’s I’m Trimming My Christmas Tree With Tear Drops to that coma inducing song about the kid buying the shoes for his dying mother!

Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Play me no sad songs, cheer me UP.

I did find one song, a performance par-excellance, by a star of unequaled talent, that can make both the sad song lover and me happy.  So, if you want to hear a Christmas song that is guaranteed to make your day, click here. I always listen to it when I’ve had more than I can take of the holidays!

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And I hope your Christmas is anything but blue!

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