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Darn that iPhone!


I’ve become slightly addicted to Words With Friends.

I play against a couple of people I actually know, which is fun.  But, recently, I’ve been inundated by requests from total strangers.

I have the friends I have because I want the friends I have.

These strangers scare me some.

But, alas, addicted I am. I love coming UP with a better word, a bigger word, a new word.

However, some of the rules in WWF are a tad annoying. Words I KNOW are words are not allowed.

Such as ‘nare’, a nare is a nostril.  It’s antiquated, out-dated, and passe, but it’s a word nonetheless.

So is nonetheless, and you can’t frickin’ play that either!

And some words I KNOW aren’t words are!

And to add insult to injury, some Spanish and Latin words work but others won’t.

Adios is allowed, si is allowed, but try puta and dia and see what happens.

Via works.  Tau, Nu, Mu – all work.  Greek, folks, Greek.

JO works!

I looked that one UP, it’s a Scottish word meaning; beloved one, darling, or sweetheart.

Who knew?

And what about “qi”?

“Qi” is Chinese.  It comes from Oriental medicine and martial arts and represents vital energy “believed” to circulate around the body.

i.e. Chinese VooDoo!

It’s pronounced “chee”, like the over priced curling irons they pimp out on The Miss Universe Pageant.

There are other words that won’t play, some I can print, some I can’t.  You figure it out!

But, alas, as I said, addicted I am, and like Pavlov’s dog, the ding of WWF brings me running.  And though I lose as often as I win, a come-from-behind rally makes me smile!

12 steps anyone?

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