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I suppose Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

No gifts, no pressure, just family, friends, and food.


I like it all, but I really like the food part!

I “googled” Traditional Thanksgiving Menu, and came to realize, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie aside, there really isn’t one that’s set in stone!

Traditions are just that, traditions, and they vary from place to place, town to town, and family to family.

Of course, sweet potatoes of some sort seem to be on just about every menu, though I don’t know why! If you have to disguise them with a pound of butter, brown sugar and marshmallows, just how good can they be to start with?

A the “first” Thanksgiving, you know, the one the Pilgrims had, corn was a hit.  Squash, gourds of all kinds, and nuts also abounded on the table.

After all, maize was the saving staple the horrid winter before, and well, why not celebrate with some more?

Thanksgiving Dinner to me must include:  Turkey, dressing (we don’t do stuffing), mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, scalloped cabbage, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, rolls, a relish tray that includes olives, pickles, and celery, and of course, corn.

I suppose, however, one could have just about any thing on the table and call it Thanksgiving Dinner.

Lasagna? Roast Pork? Ham? Chicken? Tacos?

Why not?

People the world over are thankful, and though Thanksgiving as we celebrate it, is a purely American holiday, anyone can join in.  After all, there’s plenty to be thankful for, don’t  you think?

Like I said, turkey aside, it’s not like you’re going to go into any home and find all the same things.

And, though, my thanksgiving dinner might be more along the lines of what seems traditional, is it really?

Traditional? It’s not like there’s a law?


There’s not an official state mandated menu?


And is the rest of you life dictated by Norman Rockwell?

I didn’t think so.

Traditional to me and traditional to someone else just might be different.

Having said that, what’s on your table?

If it’s yams, you can keep ’em!

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