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Is it just me, or did every other kid on the planet go Trick or Treating as someone from Duck Dynasty last night?

No shave November

Seriously, it was just one too many!

Now, I’ve openly admitted that I’m not a fan of the show. I’m frankly, not a fan of many reality shows.  Especially ones where people sit around and talk.

I mean, that’s what CNN, MSNBC, and Faux News are for.

But, I am a fan of beards.  I’ve had one since 1971.

My children have never seen my face.

That may pay off some day.

Again, I’m off track.

It’s November, men’s health awareness month.

A month when men stop shaving, save the money they would spend on shaving and donate it to a men’s health charity.

So, call it Movember, which is the name the Aussies call it, and they started it in the 1970s, Noshavember, Noshember, or No Shave November – call it what ever you want, but just join in.  Don’t shave, send a check to your favorite men’s health charity!*

I mean, who wouldn’t wanna look like this?



*To find a men’s health cause that meets your needs, click here!

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