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I’ve been accused of being a history nut.


I love it, I always have, and I always will.

I love the seedier side of history, the dirt, the scandal, the whys and the wherefores.

Oh, I don’t care about the battles much, but I do want to know who was sleeping with whom on the way too them!

My interest in history started early.

I was born in an historic home, the only home General Stonewall Jackson ever owned.  It’s in Lexington, Virginia.

My first readings in history was a text book my Dad had used when he was in school.  It was the History of Virginia.  I still have it.

I read Churchill early on, finishing his History of the English Speaking Peoples by the time I was 10.

I read Freeman’s Robert E. Lee before I went to college.

And then I discovered these two…


Will and Ariel Durant.

They were reference books at the Germantown Library, and you couldn’t check them out.  But, Mrs. Kindig would let me sit there for hours pouring through them.

Most of it was so far over my head I had to stand UP to read them, but I was able to maintain, retain, and sustain for hours.

Will Durant wrote over forty thousand pages of history. I’ve read at least a third of them.  He and his wife are most famous for their Story of Civilization.  It’s eleven volumes, each over 700 pages.

I still drag them out when I need to check a fact, make sure somethings is right, and correct a Wikipedia page or two.

So, the stories, the bios, the tales I tell, well,  you can blame it on them.

Today is Will Durant’s birthday, he was born in 1885.  I, for one, am glad he came along.

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