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…still from earth.


The Miss Universe Organization held its annual pageant Saturday night, and once again, the winner was from Earth.

Seems a tad unfair to call it Miss Universe and not even invite contestants from other planets to participate.

Seriously, unfair.

The winner this year was Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler. The Latina beauty one UPped 85 other contestants, and was crowned by last years winner, Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, who earlier in the show had modeled a $1,000,000.00 swimsuit.

It was jewel encrusted.  Sort of a pricier version of bedazzling.

I’m a big Miss Universe fan, and have been since before Kim Seelbrede was cheated out of the title by that idiot Bob Barker back in 1981.

This years pageant was in Moscow, Russia and was hosted by some MSNBC eye candy and Mel B.

BTW, her accent – yikes! It’s like listening to Liza Doolittle!

The Moscow audience was different from the audiences of past shows as the emcees had to out talk them most of the time.


The show included performances by Panic In The Disco, Russia’s own EMIN, who seemingly lip synced his way through an otherwise enjoyable song, and of course a performance from someone claiming to be Steven Tyler – although the wrinkles made it difficult to tell if it was really him!

Dude, plastic surgery!

The most interesting thing about the pageant to me at least, was that the top five contestants A. didn’t really answer the questions posed to them (four of five were idiotic questions – kudos to Carol Alt for a good one!), and B. they were all either Hispanic or from a nation with an enormous Spanish influence, i.e. the Philippines.

Oh, the top 15 including a couple of token Germanic/Anglo hotties, and of course, one beauty of African descent, Miss Dominican Republic.

Top Five

Other tidbits that were cause for pause:  a decent panel of judges, with the exception of Steven Tyler – or someone who looked like him-ish, and some creepy pop icon from Russia;

Crocus City Hall

every building shown was emblazoned with an English name;

Miss Nicaragua won the “Best National Costume”;

Miss Nicaragua

Mel B. was nearly unintelligible; and Miss Venezuela didn’t use her full name – Maria Gabriela de Jesus Isler Morales; it’s Venezuela’s seventh win, they’re one behind the USA now!

Oh, and the fact that Miss Philippines was robbed.

Miss Phillipines

With events at home and abroad making news in a bad way, horrible storms, wars, murders, and such, I’m sure it’s silly that I care who wins, but watching the Miss Universe Pageant is right UP there with watching DWTS, and it makes me happy.

Although, every time I think about Kim and now Miss PI, I’ll be pissed!

And I still think we should call Miss Mars and apologize!

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