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Tomorrow, my piano teacher, Mrs. Edythe Calhoun, turns 100.


That’s right, 100.

I can’t imagine all she’s seen in her life.

Mrs. Calhoun

Woodrow Wilson was President, WW I hadn’t started, Social Security wasn’t thought of, and there was not one major US Highway connecting the East Coast to the West Coast.  The Lincoln Highway was started that year.

She shares her birth year with Jesse Owens, Burt Lancaster, Frances Farmer, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford.

The sweet tiny lady spent most of her life as a Preacher’s Wife, had three children, and oodles of grandchildren.

She served in her husband’s churches as the church pianist, and taught piano for years.

I remember her as an encouraging, kind, and sweet woman who tried to teach us phrasing, notes, timing, and how to play “church music”.

Happy Birthday to a Great Lady.  We are equally as blessed as she for The Lord allowing her to live this long.

She has touched lives all across America with her love, kindness, ministry, and teaching.

There’s a big party in Texas today, and of course, I can’t go.  I’d love to be there to tell her how much she meant to me all those piano years.

Our families are tied together eternally through friendship, the Word of God, ministry, and music.

She is truly a Woman of Influence.

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