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King George III of England is one of the most misunderstood, maligned, and inaccurately reported men of history.

King George III

We all know him as a mad man who lost the American colonies, bought Buckingham Palace, and as the symbol of imperialism’s failure.

But, in reality, although much of that is true in some way, he was a beloved monarch, a faithful husband – the first of the English Monarchs to be so – and a loving father of 15 children.

In late 1810, at the height of his popularity but already virtually blind with cataracts and in pain from rheumatism, George III became dangerously ill.

He thought it was stress.  And he was right, the infirmity had been triggered by the stress he suffered at the death of his youngest and favorite daughter, Princess Amelia.

His illness eventually became permanent.

The Princess’s nurse reported that “the scenes of distress and crying every day … were melancholy beyond description.” He accepted the need for the Regency Act of 1811, and the Prince of Wales acted as Regent for the remainder of George III’s life.

Despite signs of a recovery in May 1811, by the end of the year George had become permanently insane and lived in “seclusion” at Windsor Castle until his death in 1820.


He reigned over the island nation for 60 years, a feat only surpassed by two others; his grand-daughter, Victoria, and her grand-daughter, Elizabeth.

He is buried at Windsor, but he doesn’t rest according to some.  He was confined to a room below the library during his periods of ‘madness’.

He would watch, from a window, his troops drilling on the parade ground. Guardsmen have occasionally been startled to see his face looking out through the window yet today.

One of the few non-royal Windsor Castle ghosts is often seen as well.

Windsor Castle Guardsmen

He’s found on the Long Walk and was one of those guards the Royal Ghost was watching.  He shot himself in 1927. Apparently, in life, he was a very unhappy man. However, it looks like he might have found happiness in death that he couldn’t in life as his phantom, unlike the King, is seen smiling.

Prince Charles may have met the ghost as well.  He won’t go so far as to say he has seen them, but he claims to have felt sudden blasts of cold air and an eerie presence.

Well, think about it, he is married to Camilla!

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