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October!  Yeah.  My favorite candy month.

I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, but I do love me some Halloween Candy.

Candy Corn mixed with peanuts is my all time favorite.

cc and p

But, this month, we’ll not talk about candy so much, after all, we have that Biggest Loser thing going on at work, so we’ll talk about some spooky and scary stuff, and a few things in between.

There’s more to October than Halloween, and I’ll do my best to entertain, find some new stuff, and come UP with some interesting facts.

October 1st has some pretty interesting historical firsts.

I got married 36 years ago on October 1 in 1977.

Queen Mary the 1st of England was coronated that day in 1553.  She was pretty spooky and scary!  And she wasn’t too popular, especially with the Protestants in England, they called her Bloody Mary because she executed so many “heretics”.

In 1880, John Philip Sousa became the leader of the United States Marine Band.


And Henry Ford put the first Model T on the road in 1908. You could buy one if you had $825!  These days, that’s not even a set of tires.

The George Washington Bridge linked New Jersey and New York City in 1931.

GW Bridge

Francisco Franco took over Spain in 1936 and stayed in power for ever!

And he was pretty scary!

And one of my personal favorites, NASA was created. But, I’ve blathered about that before.

But, that’s just October 1st.  Not so spooky and not so scary.

As the month goes by, we’re going to visit some spooky places, spooky houses, and meet a ghost or two. And we’re also going to talk about the American Cemetery Movement and our obsession with death!

Happy October, and Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!

And welcome to Spooktober!

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