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Confederate General and Icon, Robert E. Lee died on October 12, 1870, why not talk about his final resting place?

Lee Chapel on the campus of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA contains some very important pieces of history.

Campus of Washington and Lee University

Campus of Washington and Lee University

Lee’s wife, Mary Custis Lee, was the daughter of George Washington Parke Custis, the step grandson and adopted son of George Washington.  Martha Washington was Mary Custis Lee’s biological great-grandmother.

The Washington Family

As her father’s only living heir, Mrs. Lee inherited among other things, Arlington House and the paintings of Martha’s family.  They all reside in the Lee Chapel Museum.

Lee Chapel

If you’re in the area, check it out.  It’s really pretty interesting.

Robert E. Lee is buried the chapel along with much of his family.

The marble work of Edward Valentine, “Lee at Rest” is often mistaken for the tomb of the General, or even a sarcophagus, but in reality, he’s buried in the basement!

Lee at rest by Valentine

The museum contains more than just Lee history, it contains priceless works of art from Colonial times.

It’s not haunted, it’s not all the spooky, and it’s not at all scary.

But it is interesting and it is beautiful.

Located a few short miles off Interstate 81 in Lexington, VA the museum is open from April 1-October 31, Monday -Saturday, 9-5 and Saturday 1-4.  The hours of operation from November 1-March 31 are Monday-Saturday, 9-4 and Sunday 1-4.

It is called the Lee Chapel not because Lees of many generations are interred there, nor because Robert E. Lee was the President of the college.  Lee himself commissioned the chapel during his tenure as President of what was then Washington College.

Though the Lee Chapel isn’t haunted, there are plenty of spooky and scaries at W and L if you need them.

When Robert E. Lee was president of Washington College, he had the stable for his trusted horse, Traveler, built right next to his house. Lee was known to leave the doors of the stable open all the time so Traveler could come and go as he pleased. Today, residents of the Lee House (always W&L’s current president and family) continue leaving the door open so that Traveler’s ghost will have free reign about campus. Traveler’s remains are buried beside Lee Chapel, where he rests faithfully beside his master.

It is said that the ghost of Traveler is not the only one haunting the campus. Occupants of the house have experienced inexplicable gusts of wind moving through the house, from the front of the house to the spot where Robert E. Lee lay on his deathbed.

Some say it is Mary Custis Lee’s ghost rushing to her husband’s side? And some claim to have heard the ghost of Mrs. Lee rocking in her favorite chair on the porch, back and forth, back and forth, even when no one is there.

But, it’s probably wind, or maybe gas.

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