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Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery is supposed to be haunted as well.


It began in 1850 as the City Burial Place, because apparently, the naming committed had had one mint julep too many.  Eventually the name moved to Atlanta Cemetery and later on Oakland, which remains today.

The six acre cemetery eventually grew to 80+ acres, and there are over 70,000 residents.

Talk about dense!

The first Mayor of Atlanta as well as the first African-American Mayor of Atlanta are buried there.

There is of course, a Confederate section, after all, this is Atlanta, where some say you can hear the “roll-call of the dead” as names are called and answers are given.

Lion of Oakland

Again, mint juleps are big here.

Of course, there are Confederate Generals there; Clement Evans, John B. Gordon, Lucius Gartrell, Alfred Iverson, Jr, and William Wright all call Oakland home.

Golfing great, Bobby Jones was buried there in 1971. He’s the only golfer to win the Grand Slam, US Amateur, US Open, British Amateur and the Open Championship in the same year.

And golf is really, really, really, big here. Maybe even bigger than mint juleps…naaah!

There are Georgia Governors Galore; Gordon, both General and Governor, Joseph E. Brown, Joseph Mackey, William Northen, John Marshall Staton, and  Hoke Smith all reside there. 

And of course, Margaret Mitchell Marsh, that lady who wrote Gone With The Wind was buried there after being struck and killed while crossing a busy Atlanta street in 1949.


There were no mint juleps involved.

But, I’m sure she was pissed enough to haunt you!

Oakland is very trendy, it has a twitter page, the Run Like Hell 5K race, and wait for it….a gift shop!

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