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Hey Jan, you may want to go get a cup of coffee, or vodka; we’re going back to Ohio for a minute.

My earliest memories of Noel Watson come from football games.

No, he was not a gridiron giant, he was the Drum Major for the Germantown Cardinal  Marching Band.

Photo courtesy of Jean Ann  McGuff Brewer

Photo courtesy of Jean Ann McGuff Brewer and Joann Broumbaugh Whittman (they both sent it to me!!)

We went to the game to see my brother play, but at 8 or 9 years of age, the band caught my eye more than the game.  I really wouldn’t understand or even like football until my own son, Donovan, explained it to me as we watched Brookwood HS do their “run, run, pass, punt” thing.

By the way, that’s not working this year.

But, as usual, I’m rambling.

Noel was pretty impressive high-stepping and strutting in front of the band with his tall hat and baton.

I, for a brief moment, thought I’d found my calling, but once I tried to throw that thing UP in the air, and it bonked me on the head.  Well, let’s just say that dream died.

So, now, he’s not just Noel Watson, he’s Dr. Watson. He was born in Indiana, moved to Germantown when he was 4, his dad ran a dairy.

A graduate of Germantown High School and a pretty smart guy, he earned a degree in anatomy from The Ohio State University.

University Hall

Go Bucks!

He went on to earn a Medical Degree from there as well.

After a three year residency in Family Practice at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, he languished for two years in the Navy at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Dr. Watson is a member of the founding faculty at Wright State University College of Medicine as Associate professor.

A few years later, he realized a dream and opened his office of family medicine in Germantown, where he still practices today.

He’s my Mom’s family doctor.

She is rather mistrusting of the Medical profession, but has many good things to say about him. So, he must be doing something right!

While practicing medicine in G-town, he of course met Elizabeth Howard and her husband, who were patients.

It’s a small town, times were different, Mrs. Howard was homebound, and Dr. Watson – yes kids, this really did happen – made house calls!

She was a talker.

He noticed a doll, an old one, and Mrs. Howard was more than willing to tell the story of her Rain Baby.

Dr. Watson decided then and there, that someday, he’d put it to pen and paper.

Twenty years or more later, with the centennial of the Great Dayton (and Germantown) Flood looming,  Dr. Watson found new impetus and completed the story. He published a children’s book, called simply, The Rain Baby.

Mrs. Howard’s memory of the flood, so simply put, tells us of the devastation and disaster the March and April rains of 1913 brought to the Miami Valley.

1913 Flood

Her story gives a new view and some new names to what we see today, how it was then, and the damage done.

Whiskey Mansion - Rhorer House

Whiskey Mansion – Rhorer House

It’s a story of survival and celebration and a picture into the area 100 years ago.

The Rain Baby

A simple, sweet book, her story is recorded for time by Dr. Watson from conversations with Elizabeth Ankeney Howard, and the children’s book is illustrated by Earl House.  It’s worth the money for every one interested in Germantown memorabilia.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Noel Watson, MD

Photo courtesy of Dr. Noel Watson, MD

When Mrs. Howard died, Dr. Watson purchased the doll at her estate auction.

So, Jan, If you’d like to add this to your collection of Germantown Memorabilia, you can get one through Dr. Watson’s office.

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