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Please pity me, I have strep throat.  The Doctor and my manager emphatically said stay the heck away from me don’t go to work.

So I didn’t.

And, although I feel like the opposite of shinola, I’m a tad bored.

So, here are some other horrible things that happened on September 6th throughout the centuries as if my ailment isn’t enough.

In 394 at The Battle of Frigidus, the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius defeated and killed the pagan usurper Eugenius and his Frankish magister miltum, Arbogast. After that, the French decided it would just be easier to surrender.


In 1620, the Native Americans were distressed to hear that bunches of Pilgrims were coming over for a stay-cay!  And in 1628, they were even more POED to know that the invaders had decided to name their town Salem.  Of course, Sabrina’s cat was happy.


1666 – Czar Ivan the Terrible was born.

Ivan the Terrible

In 1803, the British scientist John Dalton started using symbols to represent atoms causing pain and suffering for high school students for generations to come.

Elements by Dalton

Jumping ahead nearly 100 years, Leon Czolgosz, and anachrist, shot and fatally wounded President McKinley. Canton’s favorite son died a day or two later. Travelers were heard to say, “The Pan-Am Exposition was just dreadful!.”  And people were burning “I ♥ NY” Tees on the street!

Assassination of McKinley

In 1939, South Africa declared war on Germany.  The Germans had a good laugh, of course, it was their last one.

79 people were killed when a train derailed at Petticoat Frankford Junction, PA in 1943.  Betty Jo, Bobby Jo, and Billie Jo were unharmed.

Petticoat Junction

In 1952, a prototype aircraft crashed at Famborough in Hampshire, England killing the two aboard, and 29 on the ground.

Two years later, Carly Fiorina was born.  Hewlett-Packard, AT&T and Lucent didn’t know what was a commin’.  And no, it’s not just because I’m bitter about the Lucent stock problem!


Three years later, the Greek and Armenian minorities of Istanbul were the target of a government sponsored pogrom.  Tradition, tradition, tradition!


1972, we all watched as nine Israeli athletes were taken hostage at the Olympic Games in Munich but the Palestinian Black September Terrorist group.  All were murdered.


The Soviet Union shot down a Korean Air Flight KAL-007, giving it the “oops, my bad” after admitting they did not know it was a civilian aircraft.

In the spirit of bad flights, in 1985, Midwest Express Airlines Flight 105 crashed just after takeoff, killing 31.

Of course, not to be out done, back in Istanbul, terrorist from Abu Nidal killed 22 and wounded six inside a synagogue during Shabbat.

1997 – Diana, Princess of Wales, was laid to rest as more than a million lined the streets of London.  Her ex-husband, ex-father-in-law, brother, and two young sons followed solemnly behind the horse drawn caisson carrying her coffin, as more than 2.5 billion watched the People’s Princess’ funeral.

The Princes and Earl

Kinda makes that strep throat thing sound like a picnic!

Have a great weekend, I’ll be popping pills, sleeping, and well, sleeping.

sick in bed


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