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This may be a little rambly, I’m in a very strange place right now.

I sat in horror Tuesday watching the powers that be discuss the necessity of punishing Syria’s Assad.

Kerry, McCain, and the rest of the boys and girls on the hill back and forthed about why, when, who, how, but, mostly why.

Kerry implored Congress “…not to be spectators to slaughter…”, while McCain said a “…no vote, would be catastrophic…”.

Lindsey Graham let us all know that inaction would send the wrong signal to Iran.

Rand Paul claimed the President is trying to “save face.” And added, “My interpretation of the current Obama administration policy is they want to fight for stalemate, then they want a negotiated settlement. They think that Assad has the upper hand now. They want to balance it out. But what I’ve told them is I’m not sending my son, your son or anybody else’s son to fight for stalemate. When we fight, we fight when we have to.”

Seems as though every one has something to say.

Well, here I go again.

President Barack Obama has deferred to Congress before taking action.  This, according to the War Powers Act is not something he had to do.  He could have struck immediately, directly, and waited for Congress to come back and then gone for approval.

He can start a war, he just can’t declare it.

And, smart move on his part, he’s waiting for the “will of the people” AKA Congress to act.  He doesn’t want it to be his war like Iraq was W’s war.

If we strike with the approval of Congress, it will be the people’s war, the Congress’ war, not the President’s war.

Blow them UP, don’t blow them UP, frankly I don’t care.

What I do care about are the men and women serving in our nations armed forces.

Syria shouldn’t matter, just like 100 years ago, Serbia shouldn’t have mattered.

But IT did then, and THEY do now.

When the Great War was finished, 9,000,000 people were dead, nations had fallen, dynasties were crushed, Europe was changed forever, and no one really knew why.

Are we ready to go there now?

Kinda looks that way.

We’re in the waters surrounding the area, Russia’s right behind us listening to every thing we do, allies are lining UP, allies are turning us down. The lines are being drawn.


And the jackass in charge of the United Nations has said that if we act alone, we’ll be breaking international law.

Evict them please.

The assassination of the Austrian Arch Duke in Sarajevo was the match that lit the powder keg of war in 1914.

Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie

Nearly 100 years later, Assad’s gassing of his own people looks to be the same.

With Iran and Russia as their allies an attack on Syria could be the beginning of another Great War.

At the end of WW I we were the savior of Europe and the rest of the world. Of course, we were damaged. We became so anti war that we would have never entered WWII had it not been for Pearl Harbor.

At the end of WW II we were the same.  Only we were more damaged.  We gave UP on war.

But, we came to their aid, TWICE.  And without us, they’d all be speaking German.

Now, our friends are turning us down.

America is war weary.  America has become politically correct in war.

Our will to kill to win was blown away along with Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

We seem to have forgotten that people, living breathing, men, women and children die in war.

We seem to have forgotten that there are no innocents when it comes to the enemy.

And this is why…

We lost in Korea, we lost in Viet Nam, we’re abandoning Afghanistan, and Iraq will always be the same stink hole it’s been for four thousand years once we leave.

We won’t fight to the finish.

Sherman knew what to do.

Pershing knew what to do.

Ike knew what to do.

MacArthur knew what to do.

Truman knew what to do.

But, we’ve lost that.

We’ve lost the will to kill, the will to win, we just want to get in, get out, and knock the bullies and despots and butchers down for a while.

Slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am doesn’t work there either.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not anti-war.  I’m anti-half war.

We need to get in to win, or we need to stay the hell out.

With two great nephews serving our country in the Army and Marines, seven great nephews coming of age, and a draft age son, yes, I’m war weary, yes, I’m tired of it, yes I say no.

I don’t want them to be the next Greatest Generation.

At least not by force.

Let Syria take care of Syria, let’s sit this one out.

But, if we go, then go all the way.

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