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Today is King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s birthday.

He was born in 1845.  Again, I wasn’t there, I’m not that old.

Mad King Ludwig

He’s sometimes called the Swan King or the Fairy Tale King.

He built this…

Neuschwanstein Castle

…so Disney could build this…

Cinderella's Castle

He was pretty unhappy most of his life and lived a frustrating existence.  He broke an arranged engagement to a first cousin, never married, and spent most of his time with the guy who took care of his horses, a couple of actors, and well, you know, two guys, fresh pasta, one shopping cart, you figure it out!

His diaries show a lifelong struggle with his sexual desires and orientation.

I’m guessing he probably wasn’t crazy mad, he was pissed mad.

At least he took out his frustration in positive ways: interior design and architecture.

And, after all, his castles were fabulous!

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