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ABC reported on a new Quinnipiac Poll listing the “hottest” politicians.

I had no idea Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp were running for office.

Oh, they’re not you say?

No, the new hot list contained Hilary Clinton…

Hilary Clinton

…and Chris Christie….

Chris Christie

Apparently, Not is the new Hot!

The poll is based on a Thermometer of Voter Attitudes.

Elizabeth Warren came in third, although voters polled said they didn’t know enough about her to rate her.

Elizabeth Warren speaks with voters as she campaigns after announcing her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Framingham

Which begs the question, “How does one come in third in a poll where one was not rated?”

Me thinks it’s rigged!

But, then me thinks every thing is rigged.

The hotness referred to here is political hotness, and thank goodness for that, I was beginning to think physical standards across the nation had plummeted!

The poll included Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio, who’s the closest thing to hot on the list, and came in just ahead of Joe Biden, who’s…we’ll, I’ll let you decide!

Hot or not, we’ll be hearing about most of them over the next few years.

Paris Hilton could not be reached for comment, but if she had been, she’s have said, “That’s not hot!”

And, Weiner didn’t make the cut!

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