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There are thousands of Mexican restaurants in the Atlanta Metro Area.  Most of the really great ones are ITP.

That’s inside the perimeter for those of you who aren’t from around here.

Well, I live OTP, yup, outside the perimeter, and driving into the city for dinner HAS to be a special occasion. And the place has to be a special place.

So, with gas climbing and tires being so expensive, I’ve been looking for places to eat that are closer.

Within a one mile radius of my home, there are probably 20 Mexican restaurants, none of them very good.

So this past weekend while googling for a place to dine, I hunted for the top restaurants in Gwinnett County, and came UP with Cinco Mexican Cantina.


To quote their website, “Cinco is authentic, Latin-infused Mexican Cuisine served in a setting that is designed to put a contemporary twist on Mexico’s culture. Our unique menu offers an upscale variety of items that are carefully prepared from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Our fire-roasted salsa is made fresh several times a day and our signature guacamole is always made to order. Come see how traditional and modern concepts are blended both by taste and sight.

It’s all that and more.

They have a guacamole bar, with guacarista making it from scratch.

It’s different, sort of a new-age Mexico, but traditions abound.  The obligatory basket of chips is provided, but the chips are THE best chips I’ve ever had. And the salsa!  Not too hot, not to spicy, Goldilocks would be in heaven.  It’s not the orange red stuff that comes in the tiny wine carafes like most places.  It’s dark and subtle with a roasted taste.

Probably the best I’ve ever had.

My dining companion decided on the special, a skirt steak over a Mexicanish potato hash and chicken taco soup as a appetizer.

I opted for the salad with chipotle ranch dressing and camarones pueblo AKA shrimp in a lobster sauce over a creamy spinach rissoto.

That’s right, rissoto.

Sure, they have tacos, I mean, c’mon, they have to! It’s Mexican and in Suwanee!  But, they have so much more.

Burritos with a twist, tacos that tingle, and enchiladas that excite, it all looked good!

You can eat in their quiet, calm, and eclectic dining room, or you can dine al fresco!  But, it’s August and it’s Georgia, so we opted for the AC!

The service was fast, attentive enough to not be annoying, and every thing was explained clearly – Colombian accent aside!

I was pleased to notice that the wait staff worked as a team, weaving, dodging, and delivering with ease.

It was pretty slick.

I rarely order dessert out because A. I’m usually stuffed after dinner, and B. it’s over priced and disappointing.

But this time I dared to be decadent and ordered a Flan Napoleon.

A custard served with whipped cream, berries and berry sauce…well, I waddled to the car…happily!

Flan Napoleon

So, if you’re not in the mood to drive the 30 or 40 miles to the city, and you want a Mexican meal with attitude, this is the place!

OTP, we’ve got it too!

I was not compensated for this post.

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