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That was the chant from those rabble rousing hippies back in my youth.  They were protesting the war in Viet Nam.

Well, we’re about to do something stupid in Syria, and frankly, I’m sick of it already.

We have Afghanas Nam, we have Iraq Nam, do we really need Syria Nam?

Yes, yes, I know.  The jackass running the place is killing his own people; gassing them for that matter.


That’s why they call it a civil war!

Viet Nam was a civil war.

Why should we spend a nickel on people who hate us already?  Let them duke it out.

No one came to the aid of England during its civil war.

No one came to either sides’ aid during our civil war.

Or the French Revolution – which was a civil war.

Or any of the coups around the world.

Why is it always us?

Sure, sure, if we stay out, Russia will pitch in and get a stronghold in the Middle East.

That ship sailed long ago.

And, if we started at the Eastern border of Israel and turned the entire area all the way to the Western border of India to a sand box, I could live with that!

No matter which side wins, which side we help, the winners will hate us.  Look at Egypt, look at Iran after we set the Shah in place, look around the world!

Save the money, stay home, fix something here!

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