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There’s an article on the internet about how often people change their sheets.

Really, this is news.

And, of course in the spirit of running with the story and the possibility that you may have missed it, I’ll give you the deets!

The Queen of sheets and other such household items, Martha Stewart, says one should change ones sheets at least once a week.

And, that is the norm for the majority of folks.

The survey also says that people between the ages of 35 and 50 are the ones most likely to obey the Martha and change the sheets once a week.

Married couples are more likely to change the sheets once a week, and the woman in the relationship usually does the washing.

Single women average once every 2.3 weeks.

Single men – well, not so much.

Change me!

The survey found that single men change their sheets 3 to 4 times PER YEAR!

Oh. My. Cow!


No wonder he never asks you over!

clean sheets

And for the record, every Sunday morning when I roll out of bed, I strip the bed, put the sheets in the laundry, fix a Redneck Latte, and hit the gym.

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