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I know you’re all expecting me to chime in on the Royal Spawn today, but alas, not yet.  There are so many ways to go, I’m pondering it…

But on this date, July 23, 1929, Italy, then a Fascist State, banned the use of foreign words.

Xenophobia at its worst I suppose.

Stop saying that!

Stop saying that!

Benito Mussolini was in charge then, and apparently, Hot Dog, hot diggity dog, dirty dog, and raw dog were just too much for the little dictator to bear.

Of course, we all went through the Freedom Fries phase a few years back when France was yet again showing its ungratefulness.  And of course, in France today, walkman, windsurf, and a few other American phrases are considered taboo.

Silly, don’t you think?

Where would we be without foreign words.


Well, we’d be speechless.  English isn’t the native tongue of the Western Hemisphere, and I’m sure those pesky Indians were all UPset about words like rifle, rickets, and religion.

Imagine if they had won!

The American version of the English language has thousands of words that are not one bit English.

Aplomb is French, acumen, agenda, and altruism are all Latin words; not derivatives of Latin, but Latin.

And there are more, plenty more!

If we kept all the foreign words out, we wouldn’t be able to use the Fax machine at work, facsimile came right from Caesar, he said it every time he wanted an exact copy!

Where would we be with out taco, tortilla, and tamale?

How would you order your eclair?

And would it really be as much fun ordering skinny pancakes instead of crepes?

The next time you’re out trying to impress someone, and decide to order escargot, ask for a plate of snails and see if you get a second date!


You wouldn’t even be able to be perturbed about it if you didn’t, that’s Latin too!


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