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Just when I think I’ve seen it all, and I’m not talking about the latest Kim Kardashian video, out comes something new.

And stupid.

Wigs for Pets.

They even have their own website, and app.

Grey and Orange

A blurb from the site says, “Each Kitty Wig® comes in an attractive round metal wig case with our fresh new logo on it. Your wig will arrive on a wig form and covered in a hair net to help keep its shape and luster.”

It goes on to recommend that it “should be used with human supervision…introduced slowly…and kept in its paw-proof case when not in use.”

For the love of Pussy Galore!  This is surely a product for A. people with too much money, or B. people with too much time on their hands, or C. really stupid people.

Blue Hair Table

Of course, the new information couldn’t come at a better time.  It seems another stray cat has adopted my back yard.  I usually don’t mind them being there; they keep the snakes and rodents at bay.  And I usually leave them alone,  but this one was frightened, tiny, and hungry.

Soft Kitty

Although I’m not cat crazy, he/she (I can’t get close enough to find out) seemed so pitiful – well, now it’s ours.

I’m sure I’ll regret feeding it in the long run, but I’m also very sure I won’t be buying any cat wigs any time soon.

And if you’re really interested, Kitty Wig® isn’t the only place doing this.  Apparently it’s the new pet rage…well, that and pet tattoos!

OK, wigs are one thing, but those tattoos are forever! That cat’s gonna regret that tattoo once you sober UP!


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