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…you can go from this…

LR and TONTO Then


…to this…

lone ranger tonto first still

Really, $220 MILLION to make the new Lone Ranger movie?

Yup!  That’s what it cost.  And there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth in Hollywood this week as the weekend take for the new Lone Ranger flick starring Johnny Depp didn’t make the cut and was beat out by a bunch of toons!

I’m not quite sure what the folks out there in LaLa Land expected.  Generation after generation remember the masked man and his loyal native American sidekick like they were in picture A UP above.

And I’m not sure we’re ready for a creepy looking Tonto, even if it is Johnny Depp.  And I’m not sure people want to pay $12 a head to be lectured on the morality of Manifest Destiny, the plight of indigenous peoples, and chicanery of the pioneers and western lawmen.

Tonto and the masked man only raked in $29 plus million, while the minions of Despicable Me garnered a hefty $200 million.  (Despicable Me cost about $100 million to make, so – ca-ching, it’s paid for!)

And, why for the Love of Liz, did The Lone Ranger cost $220 million to make?  Was Congress involved?

There are deserts galore, actors, grips, caterers, and cinematographers on every street corner dying for work, and a cat with apposable thumbs could do that make UP!

The movie’s 149 minutes long, that’s $1.5 million a minute.

It’s nice to see Hollywood’s still in touch with the rest of us.

Frankly, I’ll buy the box set from the 1950s!

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