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That clicking sound you heard this weekend was coming from Las Vegas.

It wasn’t coming from the slots, the roulette wheel, nor the dice at the Riveria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, it was coming from thousands of Rubik’s Cubes.

Yup, move over Babs, Elvis, and The Rat Pack, the cubers  have taken the stage.

And by cubers, I mean amazingly smart kids with quick hands.

These kids are the Ninjas of Rubiksdom!

Titans of Tiles!

Rubik’s Cube Rock Stars!

And one of them is my great nephew, Drew.


That’s him playing the violin.  He also plays sports, gets terrific grades, and spent a week of vacation working with disadvantaged children! A real Renaissance man.

Last year Drew broke the North American Record in Pyraminx, a three sided Rubik’s non-cube, completing it in 2.33 seconds.  Yes, that was SECONDS.



And this year in the very room where Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, and Dean Martin entertained thousands, a 13 year old kid from Xenia, Ohio kicked some International Pryaminx butt!

The gallery was quieter than the one at the Master’s!

Golf clap, anyone?

Well, until there was a winner!

These kids are amazing; you can’t see their hands move!

They work them in seconds, 8 seconds!

Hmmm, I wonder if they can count cards?

When I gave UP last night, Drew was in 4th place in the 3 x 3, that’s a regular Rubik’s Cube to we layman, and 1st in the Pyraminx…I’ll UPdate you when I hear the results!

"courtesy of Jenny Rapson"

“courtesy of Jenny Rapson”

That’s Drew smiling after his 8.43 second completion of the cube!

UPDATE:  When I got UP this AM, Drew was on his way back to Ohio as The World Champion!  (Pyraminx)

Yeah, take that France!  Drew SA, Drew SA, Drew SA!

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