…ever wonder just how shocked the Royal Spawn will be when he realizes what his future holds?

Born into one of the oldest, and most traceable families on the planet, the kid has a lot to live UP to.

The Royal Spawn

From birth he’ll be protected like no other child on earth; guards, nannies, nurses, secret service, London Bobbies every where!

His family history is in books, the news, the web.  He can complete his genealogy search with the click of a mouse!

His family line is easily traced all the way back to Henry VII and further with a little work.

When he studies the history of his nation he will be studying the history of his family.

Kings, Queens, Princes, Dukes, and ne’er-do-wells abound.  Cads, criminals, cut-throats, and conspirators leap from every page.

His family photo album – a series of large halls in palace after palace – is worth a fortune with portraits by Van Dyke and Holbein.

And look at his immediate family!  There’s Great-Grandpa-Duke of Edinburgh-say whatever comes to mind-Prince Phillip, Grandpa Charles-Lord Thoseearsarehuge, Granny he’d better love horses Camilla, and horny Uncle Harry!

And wait until he meets his Aunt Anne!


And what about his future?

His career was determined at conception.

His education – planned.

His religion – chosen.

His choices of a mate – limited.

The 8 lb 6 oz baby boy seemingly has it made, but think about it.

What if he wants to be an architect or a gardener or an Anglican priest?

He can’t.

He was born to be king.

Had he only known, he may have stayed in!

Well, at least until he heard about the billion dollar estate that awaits him!

Royal Brutus