No one talks any more.

The most communication I’ve had with some people lately is playing Words With Friends.

We text, we email, we Facebook, but we don’t talk.

Electronic communications devices and other appliances are killing the art of conversation.

I was out to dinner this past week and saw a great deal of this…

Don't do this.

Ok, maybe he was just checking in…I do that, but from what I could tell, there were plenty of couples dining and not talking.

Dinner isn’t just about food, it’s about company and conversation.

It’s the same way at home for many people.

There’s a lot of this…

Don't do this either

Of course at home, there are many other things that get in the way of communication and conversation.

The TV.

The iphone.

The earbuds.

The laptop.

Even the dishwasher.

That’s right, the dishwasher.  Sure it’s convenient, easy, and you can load it and walk away, but remember this…

You Wash, I'll Dry

After an hour or so of conversation over the dinner table, mom and dad would wash the dishes, or make the kids do them, one washing, one drying, both talking.

You can’t stand next to someone for that long and not get into a conversation…even if it’s a short one.  Or even it you’re mad at one another.

Now with the microwave, the dishwasher, and heat and serve meals, people – families – just don’t talk.

There was many a problem solved over a kitchen sink and brothers and sisters grew closer standing next to one another doing a chore.

Yeah, the dishwasher is killing conversation.  Next time, you wash, I’ll dry.