I’m wondering how many endorsement deals Alec Baldwin will lose this week after his homophobic rant on twitter.

Yes, I know, this is old news, Anderson Cooper’s already called him out over it.

But, is Alec exempt from that?

Baldwin went to twitterland once again on a tirade against a reporter who alleged that Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, was tweeting from the funeral of “Sopranos” star, James Gandolfini.  (There were tweets from her account during the funeral, but it could have been the limo driver…Alec said she left the phone in the car…but then would the limo driver care about her appearance on Rachel Ray last week, or wedding anniversary ideas?)

Among other un-pleasantries, Baldwin said, “…I’m gonna find you George Stark,  you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna f@#$ you UP!”

There is one that’s much worse, but, I’ll spare you, google it.

What bothers me here, is after a week of Paula Deen bashing and retailers dropping her like a rock, Baldwin seems to be getting a pass.

Where’s the outrage?

Where’s the hysteria?

Where’s the media?

Oh, yes, I forgot, Baldwin is a media darling and a member of the club regardless of the fact that he’s a blatant homophobe.  Paula’s just a southern racist.

They’re worlds apart, aren’t they?