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There are many things about Facebook I don’t like.  But seeing the pictures of every one’s Dad on Father’s Day isn’t one of them.

I love old pictures, and have thousands of them from my family.  Most of them pilfered obtained through wheedling and whining.

Yesterday, many of my friends changed their profile pictures to honor their dads.

Here are a few.

Richard Nunery

I especially love the old pictures.  When I was a kid, it was hard to imagine adults as children, or babies.

Well, this little guy grew UP to by my insurance man for decades!

Mr. Goins

I don’t ever remember meeting Mr. Goins, but one look at him and you know who is son is!

Mr. Nelson

Gary Nelson’s dad.

Mr. Dezarn

Although I’m not related to this guy, about half of my family is.

Berry and kids

And though I love old pictures, it’s nice to see dads out with their kids, even if they are taking them to culture crushing events like meeting the Duck Dynasty folks!

Arazate times 2

Dad and son, not twins! Even the smirk is the same.

Laton Burns

Though I don’t remember him well, I remember that he was a quiet and gentle man, a real gentleman.

Maynard and Sons

Maynard always had a sweet ride, no car seats, no seat belts, no brainer!

Kathy's dad

Mr. Paynter, one of the nicest guys ever.

Richard and Dad

Looks like a little fatherly advice in the making from Richard’s dad.

Bill Steinmetz

Six kids, and all have this profile.  I especially love the pictures of the service men in uniform.  The sense of duty , the willingness to serve, the sacrifice.

Kenny and Sonya

Kenny and Sonya, his future’s so bright he had to wear shades.

Mr. Durand

A man with a hobby!  Every man needs one.


Daddy on a bridge

My dad when he was courting mom, all dressed UP and Up on a bridge.

Thanks for sharing, making Facebook a little more tolerable, and honoring your fathers.

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