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In cooking, as in dining, a little soy sauce goes a long way.

Really, it doesn’t take too much to get the effect you want.

Just like Brylcreem, “A little dab ‘il do ya'”.

Soy Sauce

So, what was a 19 year old kid in Virginia thinking when he drank a quart of Soy Sauce on a dare?

After drinking the sodium heavy sidekick, he slipped into a coma with “seizure like activity”.  He was suffering from hypernatremia, a metabolic condition that occurs when there is too much salt in the body.

The nameless kid was very, very lucky.  He came out of the coma three days later with no lasting neurological damage.

Introducing 170 grams of sodium into his body, it went into combatant overdrive and pumped water into his cells to flush out the salt.

The body’s really pretty smart.

Most cells in the body can take the swelling, but the brain isn’t so cooperative.

He could have had lasting brain damage, stayed in the coma, or died.

“When I was young and stupid…”, said George W. Bush, and I suppose we all were.

But, everyone, every kid, every parent needs to wise UP.

So, kids, it’s Monday, let’s not plan any stupid stuff for the week.

We need you out there to pay the way when it’s our turn to retire!

Make it a soy sauce free Monday!


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