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The Sunday drive was around long before the automobile.

Who knew?

Seems that in the horse and buggy days, folks would get all gussied UP and hit the streets to show off their new duds or new buggy or even a new baby.

The rode around town, stopped for visits, sat on porches and sipped iced tea.

They didn’t go far.

Then, the automobile came, and day trips to the lake, the farm, or back to grandma’s were made easier.

Sunday Drive

Or, they may just go for a long drive in the country.

In the fifties, Ike gave us the beginning of the interstate highway system and the Sunday drive took on a whole new dimension.

As more and more intestate was added, folks could hit the big road, go to a lake further away, and play the tourist making it back home for the kids bedtime.

Of course, gas was 37 cents a gallon, and there weren’t as many cars, and road rage was a thing of the future.

But, even with all that, the Sunday drive is still a wonderful thing.

Hit the road,see something new today, and have a great Sunday drive.



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