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It’s already been a busy week!

NO, this isn’t about work.  It’s about the news.

OJ Simpson’s back in court trying to get a new trial because he had a crappy lawyer the first time around. Don’t you think he would have noticed that during the first trial and brought it UP?  I mean, after all, if anyone should know what a good lawyer looks like, it’s OJ.  He got off on a murder charge with one of the best!


Charlie Sheen’s back still in the news.  Seems he offered UP his private jet to fly his EX wife home from New York when she wrapped Up her work in the Big Apple.  Is Charlie trying to redeem himself, get back with Denise, make the next judge think more highly of him?  Who knows.  The flight was the equivalent of a $30,000 Mother’s Day gift!  Not bad for a women he hated just a few short years ago.

Denise and Charlie

Seems pressure cookers are just too easy to get a hold of.  A Saudi national was arrested at the Detroit airport for ‘travelling with a pressure cooker”!!

Seems there was just a big mix UP, he wanted it for cooking.  Yeah, right.  The pressure cooker leery TSA might have been a tad more forgiving had his passport not been missing a page!  He’s lawyered UP BTW!

And speaking of flight behavior, a woman on an American Airlines flight was escorted off a flight after it was diverted for singing the Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston classic “I Will Always Love You”.

Seems she was deemed unruly!  After being interviewed and ‘calming down’ she was released and left the Kansas City airport in a Taxi.  Oh, the flight was headed to New York’s JFK, so who knows what the “American Idol Didn’t Make It” is doing now!

And the big news, Selena Gomez bought a new bikini.  Really, it was a headline!


Just thought you’d want to know.

Seriously, it’s only Wednesday!

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