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…when we have the stars”, is a great line from a great movie.

Now, Voyager starred Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, Gladys Cooper, and Claude Raines, and was produced in 1942.

Now Voyager

The title is based on a line from a Walt Whitman poem, “…The untold want by life and land ne’er granted.

Now, Voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.”

The story tells of a ‘change of life child’, bullied by her harridan of a mother into staying home and caring for said mom in her old age, giving UP her life, her dreams, and her hope for love.

It’s a great movie, a tear jerk-er, I love it.

Davis, plays Charlotte Vale, said ‘change of life’ baby.

She starts out as the cowering, simpering, spinster…

Charlotte Vail before

…looking like no Bette Davis we’ve seen before.

Mama, played by Gladys Cooper…

Mama Vail

says heartwarming things like, “…no Vale has ever had a nervous breakdown…” when the doctor implies that poor Charlotte is on the verge.

Mama would have none of it.

Well, Charlotte does have a breakdown, lands in the loony  bin, meets a sexy doctor, gets better, goes on a cruise, and falls in love.

Oh, and she has a make over…

Charlotte Vail after

…and steps of the cruise ship in heels Joan Crawford would fight for, looking all the world the sophisticated modern woman.

Mama can’t stand it!

Things happen, set-backs occur, Old Lady Vale croaks, and Charlotte realizes that the love she wants isn’t the love she can have.

The movie ends with the line about the moon and the stars.

Sorry, I should have said ‘spoiler alert’.

But, my point isn’t a movie review, although you’d love it, my point is this:  Why do we ask for the moon when we already have the stars?

Do we need more, or do we want more?

Reflecting on things around me, which I often think are lacking, I have to remind myself that I do have the stars, and maybe, just maybe that’s good enough.

My sister once said, “Nothing was ever good enough for you when you were a kid.”

It put me to wondering if I was an ungrateful child.  And frankly, it didn’t help when my dad’s answer to the question was, “…you were easy to find room for improvement, and never afraid to point it out…”


But now, though things could be better, nicer, and all that, the moon isn’t so necessary.  And I’m pretty happy with the stars in my life.

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