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If you’ve ever read MomminitUP, a blog hosted by my nieces, Jenny and yes, Emily, you’ve noticed that Jenny constantly from time to time expounds on the bodily fluids of her off spring.  Most recently, this horrid habit has hacked its way into one of Emily’s posts.  Frankly, I was appalled!

Jenny and Emily

But, with Jenny, I’ve finally figured out that this obsession started quite early.  Yes, as early as the first month of her life.

Jenny was born just a few weeks prior to our wedding in 1977.  She was a babe in her mother’s arms, the youngest guest, stole a lot of attention from the bride, and was as cute as a button.


She also peed on my (then) sister-in-law, Vicki, her aunt by marriage.

Of course, she didn’t know, or did she?

A couple of years later, while we were living in Chattanooga, or Chagganooga as her older brother Charles, called it, the family of five stopped in for a visit on their way to vacation.


Her aversion to dog ownership may stem from the fact that while she was lying in the floor on her blankie, our dog, Gilda was licking her face – at the time she was laughing and seemed quite pleased – Jenny, not the dog – but this may have been the seed that turned her off dogs forever.

I don’t know what Em’s aversion stems from, unless it’s the bathroom habits of her family pet.

But, I digress – once again – later that evening, we decided to go out to eat, and hit a local eatery called “Captain Something or Others”, really, I don’t recall the name.

While dining, Jenny hurled a stream of projectile vomit that was newsworthy, restaurant clearing, and quite frankly, EPIC!

So, now we know, therapy averted, it started early!

Emily’s demise into such behavior, well, I’m just at a loss!

You can reach their wonderful blog by clicking HERE!


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