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Ok, so I’m late today, it’s Saturday, get over it.

But, this week’s AOTW is the skinny bitch buyer at Target who insulted half the women in America this week by giving the same dress in the same color different color names.

For the plus sizes, we have Manatee Grey,

Manatee Grey


and the petite size color is called Heather Grey.

Fashion maven, Susan Clemens let the world of twitter in on the dirty little secret calling Target out with her tweet!

Some of the heftier girls weighed in on the issue as well.  Frankly, twitter was all atwitter!

I suppose said skinny bitch buyer thinks all Heathers are petite, and all plus size women look like Manatees.

That’s just not the case.  Like Big Red used to say back at the Forum, “The wider the seat, the better the ride.”

Either way, Target got a black eye, and the skinny bitch buyer gets the award!

Congrats, whom ever you are, you’re it!  And honestly, that’s just about the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen!


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