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Brad Paisley’s new song “Accidental Racist” is just about the dumbest song I’ve ever heard, and that includes the ‘nibby nabby nooby’ song from Hair!

Brad and LL Cool J

So on today, April 26, the day 148 years ago when General Joe Johnston surrendered the last of the Confederate Troops to General Sherman somewhere near Durham, NC, this day, where in the State of Georgia the state offices are closed because it is Confederate Memorial Day, I’d like to weigh in.

First of all, this…

Rebel Flag

…is not the Confederate Flag.

This is…

Confederate Flag

Now that we have that little issue out of the way, let’s talk about the Southern Cross, which every one every where calls the Confederate flag.

1.  It was not the Confederate national flag.

2.  It was not a rectangle, so quit putting it on the front of your vehicle and making it look like a license plate.

3.  It was square!

4.  It was the BATTLE FLAG of the Army of Northern Virginia, not the national flag.  Even though General Beauregard wanted it to be.

5.  The Army of Tennessee stole it from Virginia, made it bigger…stretched it out…I suppose in the hope that someday they’d be able to strap it on front of their wagon…so I’d expect to see a few rectangle shaped samples there.

6.  It is not the only thing you can get on a Lynyrd Skynyrd T-Shirt.  Trust me on this, I have a few.

7.  It offends people.  Stop wearing it.

8.  Pick UP a history book at the library, hell, get two, you might learn something.

9.  It belongs in museums, not on your body.  (Incidentally, I feel this way about the American Flag. I think neck-wear, t-shirts, jackets, etc. made from the flag are disrespectful.  A patch, a pin, a button, OK, but don’t put the American Flag on the ass of your jeans unless that exploded can of biscuits you call a muffin-top is big enough to fall over it and cover it UP!)

10.  Nearly a half-million men were wounded or died to defeat it, and nearly a half-million men did the same defending it.

11.  Racists of all colors hide behind the “Confederate” Flag.

12.   Brad Paisley and LL Cool J need to be bitch slapped for that song.  It’s asinine!  And it’s not going to help.

Oh, and Happy Confederate Memorial Day every one!

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