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…when we have Dennis Rodman?

After his ‘successful’ trip to N. Korea to hang out with his new BFF, Kim Jong-un, multi-colored hair, and gadabout, Rodman is in Rome.  He was waiting for news on the new Pontif, and now has reason to celebrate.

I had no idea the Rodster was a “left-footer”.

In tow, is LaToya Jackson, whom, the last time I checked, is a Jehovah’s Witness, as were all the Jacksons when growing UP.

Jackson and Rodman

As they waited in the hot sun (Tuesday, it was raining in Rome on Wednesday), for the announcement of the new Pope, Rodman told TMZ:  … his “people” in Rome have been in touch with the muckety mucks at the Vatican and they’re trying to arrange a sit-down with the boy from Buenos Aires.

Why is he there? … he tells TMZ, “I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed … I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.”

Did the the boys in the red dresses ask him to come, and why oh why, would they need him, and when did we start calling the College of Cardinals ‘muckety mucks’?

I’m totally befuddled!

Don’t you just love it when a has been turned greedy media whore claws for more fame?

Really, what’s he done lately?  And LaToya?  “What have you done for me, lately?”

Go home, stay home!

After taking a deeper look, I think Secretary Kerry probably need not worry.


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