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I’m about to piss off my entire family, but here goes.  It’s not like any of them have any money to leave me, and they’ll probably al out live me anyway.

I hate reality TV.

Hate it!

Really, really hate it!

The only reality TV we had when I was a kid was Chet and David, Walter Cronkite,

David and Chet

and George Clooney’s dad, who was our weatherman!

Nick Clooney

Now, we’ve got it all.  We have to suffer through the Kardashians, the fat kid from South Georgia, Nicki Minaj, and an even fatter Mariah Carey.  And then there’s that lovely family from Louisiana, you know; the Duck Dynasty people.


Blowing UP a beaver dam is not entertainment.

Gigging for frogs – YAWN!

Watching a bunch of rich rednecks gigging for frogs – YAWINER!

I applaud their capitalism and creativity, but, they, along with the rest, disgust me.

Of course there’s a new one every week…next UP, a new tattoo show – wow!  2 of my least favorite things together!

I don’t want to see the survivors, the racers, and I don’t even want to watch the dancers!

Dancing with the whats

They’ve added Andy Dick to the cast, so even they’ve run out of stars.

Most of my American Idols are dead, and the only good things to come off that show are Carrie and Kelly.  I mean, really, what happened to the grey headed 28 year-old that all the old ladies loved?  I can’t remember his name!

And, whatever happened to creativity?  Plots?  Story lines?  Who shot JR?

We don’t need more reality; we, well, at least I, watch TV to escape.

I want more of the Middle – who doesn’t love Sue and Axl and Brick?, or Modern Family, or The Big Bang Theory.

The Middle

For that matter, Downton Abbey could run for 52 weeks, and I’d not miss a one!

The Dowager Countess

I’m tired of cupcakes, impossible restaurants, those skinny bitches who think they’re the next top model, and I’m sick to death of the posers who think anyone in their right minds would saunter down a runway in the crap Heidi Klum gushes over!  And BTW, Jenny, he is, yes, he is!

Heidi and Tim

Have we really run out of talent?  Is the well dry?  Has every story been told so often that we’re reduced to watching boring people amble through their day?

Yeah, reality sucks!

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