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50 years ago today, the Beatles’ first album “Please, Please Me” debuted in the UK.

photo courtesy of my record collection.

photo courtesy of my record collection.

Fifty years!

It was a beginning of a love affair between the listening public and the Fab Four that has lasted fifty years, and will last for ever!

It startles me from time to time to hear the younger ones say amazingly inane things like, “Who were the Beatles?” and “See, I knew Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings”, but I am quite sure the music of the boys from Liverpool will last.

All you have to do to love it is hear it – ONCE!

My first memories of the Beatles is of course, like everyone else, the Ed Sullivan Show.

The phenomenon didn’t miss Germantown.  There were folks around me who were Beatles crazy.

Stick and Carol come to mind.

There were records, pencils, lunch boxes, text book covers, you name it, if the made it, people bought it.

And Soup, with his big red guitar and unruly hair that would never quite calm down enough to look like Ringo or George or John or Paul, rocked his Beatle Boots.

courtesy of aaj

courtesy of aaj

I was envious of those boots.

The music stays with us.  We hear it everywhere, commercials, elevators, and even American Idol.

It’s classic, and our love affair with it won’t burn out.

Happy Beatles Day!

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