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There’s quite a splash in Allentown, Pa.

As if men don’t spend enough time playing video games.

Minor league baseball’s Lehigh Valley IronPigs announced plans this week to bring a pee-controlled urinal video game system to their home field when the season begins next month.

I’m not making this UP.

Urinal Video Game

A urine stream controlled urinal video game system, just what we need!. The technology, touted by the team as a first in the athletic world comes from, where else?  England.

The UK company, Captive Media is in partnership with an Allentown hospital system to promote men’s prostate health,  Their venue, a minor league baseball’s most-frequented stadium.

How’s it work you ask?

First, a male baseball fan walks into any of Coca-Cola Park’s men’s rooms, and parks himself at the urinal of choice.  He will immediately notice a video monitor mounted UP at eye level on the wall.

When he nears the urinal, the video console flips into gaming mode, using patented technology that detects both his presence and stream according to the IronPigs’ recent press release.

“Algorithms” take over from there, letting “the user engage with the screen by aiming in different directions to test his agility and knowledge.”

After wrapping UP, and hopefully zipping UP, the recently peed are presented with a final score and an online access code to check how they measure UP against other fans of the game.

High scores will also be posted to Coca-Cola Park video boards.

So, just how much fun can you have with a pee stream activated gaming system? The IronPigs promise a rotating list of games.

There’s “Art Splash,” in which players can choose from a palette of colors to paint in broad strokes for the really creative.

There’s also a game where users pee to race a speeding snowmobile while hitting cartoon penguins for bonus points.

And there is…wait for it… “Clever Dick,” in which users are faced with trivia questions before peeing left or right to answer true/false questions.

Rumor has it, the ladies rooms are not equipped with such games, and the female fans are really pissed about it!  I expect Gloria Alred to weigh in on this!

And think about it, in the racing and art games, get a little too creative or a little to brave on the racecourse, and just see what happens when you pee on the guy next to you!

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