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With all the love blog posts planned for February, I let a few things go.  You know, things I usually discuss.

I’m sure you’ve missed them.

We will start with Downton Abbey.

Spoiler alert:  Matthew’s dead.  Killed in a car crash.  Yup.  Dead, gone, over and out.

The happy couple was oohing and aahing over the new heir…



…Matthew heads home to bring the family the good news…

Matthew Happy

…along comes a milk truck, and whamo, presto…

Matthew not so Happy

…Matthew’s dead.

So, what’s poor Mary to do?

Sooooooooo many options!

She can go to America and hoot UP the Roaring 20s with Grandma Shirley Maclaine.  From what I hear, Shirl had a great time pretending to be in the early 20th Century, and want’s to come back.  Sure, there were no spaceships, aliens, prior lives, and all, but she loved the attention, chewing the scenery – which she did in spades, and yucking it UP with Dame Maggie Smith.

Or, Mary could become trampy.  After all, she’s already killed one man in bed – remember the Turkish dude who blackmailed Thomas into leading him to her room. Of course, Mary was all, “don’t come in here”, “what are you trying to do”, “don’t, stop, don’t, stop” and then finally, ‘don’t stop”.

But, he did, the poor boy had a heart attack in action and as dear sweet Edythe put it, “…died in the arms of a slut…”.

And that’s another thing.  Kill Edythe off, it’s not like anyone would give a shining rat’s rear.  She’s such a B!!

Back to Mary.  She’ll find love again.  It’s only natural that a vibrant, rich, widow will look for love.  Probably in all the wrong places.  And love, of any kind, brings its own problems. (Happy Pat?)

And of course there’s the little un-named bundle of joy she was holding as Matthew was buying the farm on the road back to the Abbey.  What’s to become of him?

Frankly, Julian Fellowes is brilliant.  Matthew and Mary were too happy.  The story was gone.  He has to keep people coming back, and a happy couple is a boring couple when it comes to drama.

Look and Luke and Laura!

It’s all about the DRAMA!

I can’t wait to see what happens.  I just wish he’d take some of my ideas to heart!

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